Monday, June 11, 2007

Shifting a half a house on wheels

My cousin Trish, who lives here in Wanaka and is more like a sister to me, has been known to say "Donald, I'd call you eccentric, but you're not old enough yet for that term". I take this as a compliment! But you, the reader can have your own opinions, as I mention here that I live in a huge trailer home beside the small house I rent. The house gets used totally for work, which is another story.

This trailer has six tires, and it's been on my mind for some time to do something to stop them perishing while they sit on what used to be lawn. So this weekend, just past, seemed the ideal time, as although it's now definitely winter, the weather was superb and as I've had a cold, to "potter" in the sun seemed ideal.

The task involved cutting some tanalised boards from plywood - my idea being that the preservatives in the wood will stop the growth of bacteria. It was either that or sit each tire on gravel.

So I cut 6 of, placed them, and rolled the 3 ton unit onto them. It went really well and gave me confidence to tackle the inevitable shift one day to a new location in a speedy and efficient way. Having my wood working tools on the deck I then spent the rest of the weekend making shelves and cupboards, and also new smoother ducting for my heating system. It's very satisfying for a work intensive computer user like myself, to create using tactile means.

This Monday morning I awoke to our third serious frost, then some cloud came over, and like I said "winter is here". Lets hope for some wind so the typical early winter cloud inversion does not occur.
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Blogger Shirley Goodwin said...

I plan to be an eccentric old bat - when I get old, of course! I only have another 50 years before I start to slow down. It's been a tad nippy here too. Sounds like you had a fruitful weekend - it's always satisfying to do that sort of thing.

June 11, 2007 at 1:21 PM  

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