Sunday, February 24, 2008

A busy week in the outdoors

I took time-out mid week for a quick trip up to Muellar Hut in Mt Cook National Park. I've been up there so often in all seasons I've forgotten how many times, but I never ever lose the feeling of awe each time I see these views on attaining the crest of the Sealy Range near the hut. My timing was great as I avoided the extreme heat of the day, yet got the last of the good light...

Left to right: Mt Sefton, Footstool and Mt Cook...

Mt Cook again as the sun sets casting a nice light in the far distance...

The moon and Nuns Veil...

Final sunset rays on Cook...

On the descent the next evening right to my truck in the valley floor I found some tents at the Sealy Tarns - a much nicer place to kip [I was tempted but had little shelter with me] than the busy hut above, which these days is more like a back-packers than a mountain hut...

Finally, did a 4wd trip across the remote St Bathans range near home [yet so remote] on the weekend, and I'll blog those photos tonight.
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