Sunday, November 9, 2008

Actively in the New Zealand landscape

I'm just back from a wonderful weekend in the nearby Ahuriri valley. One of my favourite places since I was a kid. Access is just so easy, it's so quiet and offers so much be it for the landscape photographer, artist, fisherman, or like myself in my early days for: canoeing, tramping and mountaineering.

I've always thought someone made a great job on this range of cutting out the sky to match the ridge...

The greens in this landscape attracted my attention...

Lambing is late in these high country parts. A few days ago there was 3 inches of snow here...

Birchwood Station, with my favourite Mt Barth in the back ground...

Overnight the weather came in wild, and today, it made for much wind and cold rain near Canyon Creek...

In the last 3 posts I've written extensively about perception and reality, and with today's upcoming storm I was reminded quite vividly that our New Zealand mountains are not the place to go to sort out your head, or be a guru in, but places of extreme reality and environment. Thus I reckon a trip or two where bad weather intrudes brings out the best in life!

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