Sunday, August 28, 2011

Up the hill and about Wanaka town, and keeping a balance and awareness

Once again I have to report, or admit too, being up at the Snow Farm for the weekend.

Kite skiing is really "taking off" up there. They're becoming like butterflies...

But anyway kites aside on the Sat. I helped in a minor way with the last of the Winter Games events up there - a triathlon. It was a ton of fun and I've uploaded almost 30 images on my winter mirror blog ... more>>

But on this post I have a story I want to tell...

Two years ago or more I developed some teeth problems and while there are all sorts of theories about bacteria having an infectious party, after the problem was finally fixed about 9 months ago, I got to thinking about stress and how to balance [or not] the factors that can often cause levels too high in life. And just what in our emotions can manifest in the teeth?

Loving oneself takes skills and these need to be learnt. One skill being that of self observation, and it's a hard one! Maybe just as hard is taking on board the observations and advice of others [being aware in yet another way, that the odd person may have agendas other than loving] - our egos seem to get well and truly in the way, and again we can be oblivious to this aspect that is riddled with self destructive illusions!

[Not?] seeing the wood for the trees...

It's really a case of building the skills with the help of others. In fact without them it's a delusion created by our ego selves to think we can do it alone. We need others just as they need us.

Economy aside the physical sort of building never appears to stop in this town...

Anyway back to the teeth: I had to have one removed about ten days ago, but it was no surprise - it was weak, loose and undercut and I hardly miss it. However nerves in the area took about a week to settle down, and I was glad at one point to have the knowingness that I was healing.

But then a surprise: on cross country skiing again afterwards I found my balance quite wobbly! Possibly the anesthetic [a type new to me - no numb face], or one of those nerves having a connection to the inner ear, or was it the emotional aspects of teeth pulling? But the point is it was subtle - if I'd not gone skiing I'd never have known.

It seems to be coming right, but I'm left with the thought of how we can so easily be out of balance in any of the many aspects in life and not know it!

Life serves up many experiences that can cause imbalances and leave scars. Some incidents leave visible scars, but as a close friend said to me recently, while I was with him in the A and E of the Dunedin Hospital just after he'd chopped the end off his finger, it's the emotional scars that we don't see that are the horrendous ones [and I'd say the harder ones to identify and to eventually heal].

Much can be learnt from children, if only that we're born more-often-than-not in a pristine state with no scars or damage visible - they come soon enough though as we learn about falling, experience heat etc. ...

And so too, in I'd say all of our cases, they're accompanied by experiences we can't handle as kids, and so they get stored in us in various places, to manifest later in our lives, but as per above do we always know what the causes are when they do, and that many are karmic!? Understanding karma alone can be profound.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional...

[credit to above image to the Wanaka Beautification Society - I've always admired their porcelain plaque on Lismore St., so photographed and then cropped out the writing. All other images were taken in the last week too. The B and W image is of our local kanuka, the portrait is of Josh, son of a good friend. Guess I was having a "be aware week!"]

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