Monday, August 27, 2007

Blogs, school productions and cross country skiing

Dear Readers

Thanks all for the visits to this little diary. Given that I spend my work time in front of a computer, it's really nice to send the news to just one place. I subscribe to the feeds of other bloggers - this way I don't have to go to their sites on a regular basis to check for updates. The softwares to do this are called aggregators. You can find a full list on Wikipedia [more >>]. For local [your own desktop software] I'd recommend FeedDemon for Win. and NetNewsWire for Mac. I believe you have to pay for the former and there is a Lite free version of the latter.

On Monday and Tuesday evening last week the school had a production or two running, so I went on Monday evening to watch Dougal in action. The years of experience on Friday night's Dance and Drama sessions showed through. The school was apparently not going do anything this year, but the kids insisted and then wrote and produced the whole thing with no input from teachers. The results were amazing. [photo above: Dougal with one of his Dance and Drama friends, being cross examined in the play Trial by Gods].

The week's cross country skiing: well I'm getting over the tiredness of the big race a week ago, and have been up 3 times putting up some big Kms - just simply making the most of the superb snow and company.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dougal looks great-wow is he getting tall?have you caught up with the sissons yet?Deirdre

August 27, 2007 at 2:14 PM  

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