Sunday, August 5, 2007

Writing a book Foreward

The big surprise this week has been my friend Roger Wandless asking me to write a foreward for his second book of New Zealand landscapes. This is quite an honour and not something I've ever got to do before. I've got until Friday, but that is fine - nothing like just getting into a project like this so the words come from the heart.

I have already been involved in this project on a number of levels [photo attached of Roger on Rocky Top], and lately giving opinions as to what images get used. I won't give away the title at this stage but suffice to say it encompasses landscapes from Bluff to Nelson.

On another matter, namely this blog, I have to report that viewer numbers have just hit a 100 per month. Considering I write something 4 times per month, that seems to indicate that about 20-25 people look at it. However about 60% of people get to it from a search engine search, and from quite a few countries at that.

The word on blogs is that only 1-2 percent of people leave a comment, so thank you those who have, as it seems I might be a little above this figure...

... if you are tempted to Comment please do. I'd be interested to know if it's photos that bring you or the news, or both. It's quite intriguing.

This coming Wed. I'm instructing on another Outdoor First Aid course, but this time up the road at Makarora [about a 1 hr. drive from Wanaka, on the way to the the Haast Pass and West Coast]. All these courses are very scenario driven, but this one will be more so - the fire crew up there are going to block the road with a fake accident. I'll be taking my camera - the results maybe sobering!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow what an honour!However I'm sure that Roger appreciates your help.

August 8, 2007 at 12:34 PM  

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