Saturday, December 8, 2007

More pictures from the mini holiday in Otago

Just been socialising this weekend [work related barbeque] after a hard week's work. Here are a few more pictures taken on my last follies:

Shirley asked about Moas up creeks so here we have what the sign post in my last post pointed to 31Kms away - what I believe is the old Moa Creek hotel...

Dawn at Poolburn...

Rocks used as posts...

Coffee stops in Ranfurly - someone else with wheels joined the throngs of Rail Trail bikers...

Disused farm building near Patearoa...

Lastly on Sat. I downloaded the Mac blog editing application MarsEdit. With the trial version it quickly became evident that this is the tool for me - not only in terms of the speed with which I can do this blog, but how it can speed up posting to multiple. I did however have a technical hitch uploading pictures, but an email to support had it nailed. The service was impressive [thanks Daniel in Boston]

It looks like our stunning weather is coming to an end today - I'm going to miss the searing dry heat, but the coolness should make life easier.

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