Monday, October 8, 2007

Lots of driving with lots of wind

Last week work-wise was too busy to comment on as it went by with
little time for reflection.

On the weekend I visited an old friend who is [terminally?] ill
Chch., and stayed with my old school mate in Rolleston. It was a
pretty amazing time. My stress was lowered significantly too as he
lent me his in-vehicle GPS navigation device, and it was amazing. I
don't mind using maps and my own tramping GPS, but there are now so
many roads in Chch. that don't make it easy to pull over. This gadget
speaks the directions and so makes all the difference in traffic. I
shall be buying one as soon as the need arises to visit any big city

I also managed to avoid all the 130Kmh winds - more by good luck than
anything. Actually the worst were SE yesterday [Sun.] on my return.
Many very solid road signs were uplifted in mid Cant. But not much
tree damage these days - I think they now manage them better with a
view to wind, with those huge hedge and tree clippers that just drive
along lopping off all.

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