Sunday, September 2, 2007

A busy week looming

Another shot above which I think is quite unique, of Dougal playing Helios in the school production Trial by Gods. As he put it himself, and since he learnt an Asian accent for his lines, he is holding his "chi". The reality of the shot was he'd just taken a flash assisted photo at the exact instant I took the shot.

It's been a bit hard in the last week to realise I must now withdraw from skiing regularly and be quite opportunist, as the weather is now into an unstable spring pattern. Often now the snow will be going through a melt/freeze daily cycle and the trick will be to be on it just as it softens.

This week is going to be busy though, as I have to make two visits to the Snow Farm to help, by van driving in relation to a new thing for NZ: training for biathlon. However I'll be taking work with me and if the snow is not conducive to a recreational ski, I'll work. But, I've also got a trip to Queenstown for work, and I'll be picking up my first colour print - a test one on one of the panoramic shots in this blog, to see how large the camera can handle. The printers told me 2.4 metres wide, but I've settled on 0.8 of a metre as I don't want to be wasteful. Either way I'm delighted as these sizes will let me move onto stage 2 of the photography plan.

Next Sat. the Mt. to Mt. race is on and I'm helping with that. Competitors leave from the summit of Treble Cone and finish at the Snow Farm - all done with skis, bikes, kayaks and running. It's a lot of fun helping.
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Blogger Shirley Goodwin said...

You're certainly involved in the snow sports scene! We've had some big frosts here but no snow.

September 9, 2007 at 7:46 PM  

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