Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wanaka's changing landscape


It's common now to see a crane on the skyline in Wanaka - up until a few days ago there were two of them, but today when I went out to record same one had gone. The above one is working on the new back packers building just sth. east of the super market.

There was 5 minutes of stunning sunset in the week past, and I happened to be down by the lake so I got playful with that one.

Today was Dougal's birthday. Fifteen wonderful years! We had strawberries and ice cream for afternoon tea.

New offices? behind the old THC hotel complex - Wanaka Art Center on the right...

This shot from Mt Iron shows Wanaka Puzzling World at the bottom adding colour to this shot of the sewage ponds - note the new development just the right and slightly behind same...

Dougal was in Chch last week on school camp and bought some clothes...

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