Sunday, December 14, 2008

In the zone

In the last few weeks I've perceived I'm entering a phase concerning decisions to be pondered, and I know lightness will help - sometimes known as being "in the zone". So as writing often helps me [self affirmation!] I thought I'd go over some of the factors - the theories and what I know that works:

There is more than one zone involved here. OK I've changed and so has the universe, but other factors still rule such as gravity and altitude, and neither seem a burden when you're there "in the zone" [Franz Josef Glacier in South Westland]...

Although I've done it often in good conditions, when I'm challenged in the mountains I find I don't talk much as I "go there". Why? Because intuitively I know that focusing on breathing and that alone, will put me in a state of very high awareness, and matching the breath with my movements.

There are other techniques too, and here I draw as well on ideas written by others:

Take your mind to one of the most beautiful places, or times you've experienced, on the "in" breath, by imagining your own personal energy field goes there and further.

On the "out" breathe bring all your energy centers into consciousness and feel them opening.

Be an observer knowing that whatever is happening has a purpose in life

Imagine yourself surrounded by a halo of pure light

Monitor yourself to see if love is a background emotion

Look for beauty everywhere - with vibrant colours glowing

Feel lightness and energy

Recall how it was when you experienced this in the past

If you "loose it" make stopping and regaining it a priority

The goal is to feel alive as in "existence", and jump straight away on any negativity or anxieties as they occur. For myself waking between 2 and 5 am can be a challenging time, but rewarding time also should I succeed, to work on what has to become a lifetime's habit!

I've often found the writings of the DalaI Lama very useful as he's written much about meditation and it's importance. More recently I've subscribed to the RSS feed on his web site, and note, in the throes of an amazing visit to Europe he's just made a very valid point about our moral responsibilities towards China:

World Must Bring China Into Democratic Fold: Dalai Lama

Warsaw, Poland, 11 December 2008 (AFP) - Tibet's spiritual leader the Dalai Lama called on the world community to bring China into the democratic mainstream, in a speech to Polish deputies Thursday.

"The free world has moral responsibility to bring China into the mainstream of world democracy. That is very essential, very important," the Dalai Lama told members of the parliamentary foreign affairs committee.... more>>

And to finish on a lighter note: Dougal my son turns 16 in a few days. We all say "where has the time gone - it all happens so fast?", and I'm no exception!

I'm reminded that kids live "in the zone", so we must learn from them! Here is Dougal on the right attending to the barbecuing of a snow chicken with our friend Riley who also has his birthday at this time. They're age 12 in this photo, and yes, that barbe is on and hot - it was a cold night, so "cooking " took awhile...

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