Sunday, May 31, 2009

That time of year - grab the sun when you see it!

No matter how I try to counteract it I seem to slow down this time of the year. And this year... maybe it's been worse due to the weather, for an early winter seems to have settled on this part of the world.

Yesterday was one of those days though: out-of-the box! So I made sure after gathering up my x/c ski gear and winterising my camper truck [chains easy to access, snow shovel stowed etc.] that I got my intake of vitamin D by going down to the nearby Lake Wanaka and simply sitting in the sun facing west near Beacon Point. I do admit however to making some landscape photos as the light became stunning and tangental.




In recent weeks I've posted about dangers to our rivers in this the South Island of New Zealand and particularly the Clutha [which begins in this neck of the woods right where the above photos were made]. There have been some interesting and positive articles lately in the local paper with regards to the unique Nevis Valley. The Otago Daily Times...

Tribunal: Richard Fowler (chairman), Carolyn Burns and Rauru Kirikiri.

Application: To amend existing water conservation order to prevent damming or diversion of Nevis River.

Players: New Zealand and Otago Fish and Game Councils want the changes, Pioneer Generation and TrustPower are among those in opposition.

Yesterday: Evidence was heard from John Douglas, Brian Patrick, fisheries scientist Martin Unwin, Prof Alan Mark, Janet Ledingham and Federated Mountain Clubs of New Zealand executive member David Barnes.

Quote of the day: "It's a time warp in there." Janet Ledingham, of Dunedin, talking about the unique characteristics of the Nevis valley and river.

Otago men part of film [Got to see this one - many of these fellows are environmental legends]

Popularity of fishing cited in Nevis [I'm amazed and gladdened to note that one in every eight guys in our area hold a fishing license]

Father and son kayakers make impassioned plea for Nevis valley [Gordy taught me some kayaking in another life and so it's great to see his son out there doing it, and also involved in the tribunal and submission process at age 12!]

Lastly this week's heads up is to Robb's blog: well written words on how fear dominates in our society

Note: Phil Lloyd commented on posts relating to the Nevis Valley and gold mining, and has since been in touch via email. Here is his story:

"I spent two summer holidays in the 1970's with Lex Maclean and his parents working a goldmine just after the gorge in the upper Nevis. His parents were quite elderly even then and had moved to Milton after the population in the Nevis had dwindled away but they still came back to work the mine each summer.

I met up with Lex in Clyde last winter and he said they have no photos of those days, despite having many travellers call in and take photos.

I undertook to try to track down some of those photos but have had no luck so far. "

If you can help Phil please contact him:

+64 9 573 0421 or

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Blogger Ruahines said...

Kia ora Donald,
So glad to read of the people and groups fighting back for the rivers and I will continue to try and create awareness as well.
Excellent photos and grabbing a bit of sun at the same time eh! It is definitely cold here this weekend and the Ruahines look just magnificent. Though it will be cold I am looking forward to my son and I getting out there very soon. I have had the wood fire going just quietly all day today, a good one to be inside with a good book or catching up some of my favourite places here in the land of blogs. Hope you are having a great long weekend!

May 31, 2009 at 5:48 PM  

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