Sunday, August 22, 2010

A lot like fly fishing

This weekend my good friend Roger is in town. Both being fiendishly keen on making photos [usually landscape], we always spend sometime looking at the recent additions to our personal photo libraries, discuss possibilities/creativity and get out there at dawn or dusk to be there [f8 at 250th of a sec. and be there, as they say, are the chief ingredients to making images].

One of the local farmlets on the way to Glendhu Bay has a new addition to their entrance, but I'm not sure of the significance of the clay man or the cross, but I like the setting, especially having Roys Peak as a backdrop...

I'm often struck how much it's like fly fishing: both pursuits encourage quiet travel and awareness of all around us.

Composition and light in particular in photography - I love the browny orange in this one...

The strongest motivator for us humans is intermittent reinforcement, and both the making of photos, and a good fish occasionally meet the criteria.

Every now and then we're truly in the right place at the right time [at least light wise - my feet were getting wet]...

I have found that what works for myself is to say "right I've got the light, now where is the subject?"

I've sort of used the reverse concept here though - I've always been fascinated by this messy example of farming and it's right beside the road...glendhu-4.jpg

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