Monday, December 29, 2008

A little trout fishing for Christmas good cheer

I've bought a license this fishing season, so now there is no excuse to not get out into the outdoors and get supper!

On Christmas Eve while taking Dougal to his grand parents in Oamaru we stopped off and camped for the night at the Hakataramea river near where it flows into the Waitaki and within a few casts I had this magnificent 5 ld rainbow, that took about 30 mins. to land in the swift water...

So far the cost has been over a hundred dollars, but it's supplied one meal so far. It may have been "sea run", despite being about 60 Kms from the ocean, as the flavour was more tasty as opposed to a fish that lives all it's life in fresh water...

As the evening wore on and dusk settled we also watched some silver belly eels for sometime by headlamp. Again they're more associated with sea water. They were smaller than I expected, and more lively and beautiful than the usual mud eels I've played with before as a kid in this area.

Anyway with the recent fishing successes of late I'm keen to catch some more, in the New Year!


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Blogger Adrienne Rewi said...

Thanks for your very nice comment on my blog Donald. It was a bit hard to decide which of your blogs to leave a return comment on but this appears to be the one you write on the most. My favourite shot here is the one of the swing bridge (eek hate them; fear of heights) over the Waiau River - gorgeous, moody, eerie, beautiful.

December 30, 2008 at 12:37 AM  

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