Sunday, February 22, 2009

The abstract, artful and eclectic with some travel - yes, a varied blog this week:

In the spirit of recent photography experimentation on Thurs. evening I had a session of making photos from my cathode tube style large TV set. The idea being to play with the flicker as the screen continually refreshes, or you could say lazy creativity from the armchair, as opposed to my usual racing around for landscape photography.

This flicker effect makes for some interesting ghostly almost, shadow or multiple exposure effects...

Here rather amazingly I caught the transition between two frames I think [Tandi Wright and Stuart Devenie in Willy Nilly]...

On Saturday the 7th of February 2009 the Australian township of Marysville and the surrounding area was ravaged by bushfires and is still in a state of emergency.

My cousin Deirdre sent me a PowerPoint file during the week of some amazing art work in Marysville by Bruno Torf, that was recently severely damaged by these fires. It's worth clicking on the "Take the Tour" link here

Traveling in the New Zealand bush will never seem the same to me after looking at these works of art, as our greenery is a lot like the Aust. variety...

Another topic up for publishing today is the well written and illustrated travel blog of my Hawea friends Georgie and Dave. I'm hoping they'll see a moose - these are very shy animals with an acute sense of hearing...

So they're having an amazing trip through the Rockies and sampling the powder skiing...

And on the topic of the US I found this: a nice 11 min animation of the reasons behind the credit crunch.

Last week's blog attracted a record number of comments [thanks all], so for closing here is another image of the Central Otago landscape variety of one of the huts [cribs in Otago Kiwiana speak] at Poolburn.

From a visual environmental perspective good old NZ aged corrugated iron makes for just the right look in our unique landscape, and I find it a joy to make a photo of this sort of thing. It should be an inspiration to us all as we build and create...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link D. Back in the land of the Long White Cloud. Loved your 'armchair' images. I dig messing with that stuff. You should try it on adverts! G

February 25, 2009 at 8:38 AM  

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