Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some moody autumn photos, a formal, plus a flying boat

This week is a wet one - last week was more the typical autumn type, and one afternoon needing a break I took a walk along Lake Wanaka's Outlet track. The colours were delightful as was the peace and tranquility of the setting.

Looking down the Clutha River...


Looking back upstream...

Being my son's final year at College here in town, I especially fronted up at the school Formal on Sat. night.

Here he is with one of his oldest friends Anna as partner. Both are an awesome couple of people and I found it all a tad emotional for a few moments. They'll probably both be away at Uni. next year so I made a mental note to self to continue to "let go" as a parenting strategy...

Lastly and totally unrelated this Catalina flying Boat has been parked up at the airport since the airshow at Easter and although I'm far from being an aviation nut, I've been quite taken by it shape and form...

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