Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hinterland, heartland or just typical New Zealand landscapes

Seems I've missed a week re blogging. Oh well... always seems the same in autumn, when I sort of go to ground and wake up again when the first skiable snows arrive.

But I have been out-and-about - again on self imposed Otago landscape photography missions:

Mustering near Kyeburn. Tim brings in a bunch of sheep from the Soldier's Syndicate, that backs onto Otematata Station - which is where my uncle Jim mustered for about 44 years...


Drawing on a few older photos...

A collection of art works once belonging to Ralph Hotere, which are now on display on Observation Hill at Port Chalmers...


Horses are a hard animal to photograph - they sort of put their ears in funny positions and slouch their backs at the site of a camera, so here I've tried more to portray where they live. In this case in the bush behind Dunedin near Whare Flat...

Dunedin's St Kilda beach...

All this takes fuel, and this I normally get at a trucking station on the edge of Wanaka township. There are never any queues at night, and in winter it can be quite surreal...

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