Sunday, April 13, 2008

More on Fiordland, Mt. Titiroa at Manapouri, and some funky rocks at Port Pegasus, Stewart Island

Last weekend after the Fiordland follies with Roger we spent a night at the beautiful Lake Manapouri [Maori for Lake of the Sorrowing Heart - so apt], and we got up not-too-early to do a photo shoot of forest in the mist, and we went to the southern end of the Kepler track.

The swing bridge across the huge Waiau River. This river, the largest and one of three of the same name in New Zealand] doubled as the River Anduin at the end of the first The Lord of the Rings movie, The Fellowship of the Ring, where the Uruk-hai chase the Fellowship along the river banks....

The view looking downstream [taken from the middle of the above bridge], later when the morning's mist started to burn off. Note the silver like rocky mountain left of center by a tree, Mt. Titiroa ..

A telephoto of Mt. Titiroa. I'm pretty keen to climb this, or more-to-the point, I have reason to believe that if I did so I'd get to wander and camp among some outstanding rock formations - these, as you'll see below, I have a penchant for...

So on the topic of funky rocks here is my good friend Darrell on such a rock below the summit of Magog, a very remote peak in Stewart Island's Port Pegasus area. Taken on an expedition trip aboard Elwing a couple of years ago...

Also in the Port Pegasus area, here we see my son Dougal beside an interesting formation on Bald Cone ...
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