Monday, August 4, 2008

Snow - an irresistible landscape

Snow seems made for fun, but only when it's on the hills, and we don't have to live with it day-in day-out, with attendant shoveling etc. It also seems made for art!

I can never resist this landscape that I drive down beside every time I visit the Snow Farm for cross country skiing...

Dougal is pretty patient with me as I stop for my landscape photography, and on this occasion got out for a play in the snow...

I had amazing lesson on Sat. from one of the top coaches of world cup athletes etc., a Russian in fact now living in the US - he's my house guest, and a pretty good one at that, in fact he and his family totally impress me in terms of wonderful human beings and ambassadors. Anyway the lesson totally redefined how I'll be skiing from now on - I have much to practice!.

Here he is demonstrating where to have your shoulder, but underlying the lesson was the principal of how to get from A to B in the most efficient and fastest way. No one has ever tackled things for me in this way before...

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