Monday, July 26, 2010

Goodness the weather pattern has changed. No more clear skies

From the Snow Farm looking [you guessed it] west...


Apart from my son Dougal, Riley on the right has been the other significant young lad in my life for many years when he lived here. He's visiting from Vancouver for a few weeks once again, just before moving back to Uni. in Montreal in a few weeks. He's extra ordinarily aware and articulate, so once again I've had the privilege of some great chats, which as a parent really paints a picture that is useful, as to where this generation is at. Frankly speaking, I'm very impressed...





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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Continuing the winter theme

Recently while out early one morning I had to walk past the Wanaka Public Library, and while this was a hazardous journey due to the prevalence of ice, it seems someone left the irrigation system on all night...



And delightfully our Govt. has backed down over mining in our National Parks. Well done, and a special thanks to Wanaka local Quentin Smith who organised the FaceBook group Hands off Mt Aspiring NP

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Working, eating, sleeping, laughing, keeping warm and skiing, oh, and some more landscape photography

It seems a cliche, but "winter wonderland" really applies this year. It's stunning, interesting and cold!

Hoar frost crystals up the Cardrona Valley...

Clearing hoar frost - Cardrona Valley again...

Pre dawn skiing - Karl finishing off his night's work just before snow started falling. He's been reporting minus 17 degrees below where I made this photo...

A typical view of the persistent inversion sitting over the Cardrona Valley and Wanaka [just beyond patch of sunlight right background]...

My friend and neighbour, professional athlete Merryn out training...

At the Snow Farm I'm always surprised how quiet this mode of transport is compared to skidoos...

Hoar frost on willows in the Cardrona river bed...

Looking across the Cardrona Valley at the big "A", Mt Aspiring...

A few weeks back I posted photos of having coffee with Tiggie. Well he is just back from a roadie with Simone [thanks for photos]...


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Sunday, July 4, 2010

The same old...

...cross country skiing that is! I've been at the Snow farm most evenings of late tearing it up on the long trails... getting my serious bout of repetitive exercise for the year. And loving it! Probably doing about 12 Kms per night finishing just after dark. Acclimatisation is always interesting - the ability to travel fast with no sweating in minimal clothing. Since less weight is everything it is a significant factor in the enjoyment, and now it's kicking in once again. Our bodies are quite amazing really!

The new camera is all I wished for in this environment too. I wanted low light capability and more control of the technical side and although it's taking awhile to figure it all out, it's nice and fast and light to carry as it delivers the aforementioned.

My knees, boots, skis and poles...

Descent to the River Run...

The last of the sun for the day...

How do little waterfalls like this freeze, as per the centre section? Is it a "snap" process, or do they grow, and if so from the bottom or the top first!? I've never felt inclined to hang about in minus 12 to watch...

My favourite spot to watch the last of the sun from...


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