Monday, January 23, 2012

Wanderings between Wanaka and Dunedin and some good wild weather for photos

Since I'd not been to the Dunedin for awhile, the nearest large city to where I live, a couple of weeks ago I trundled off in the first rain we'd had for ages, for a little break.

There was some heavy rain in the Maniototo so water on the Pigroot highway...Pigroot 1Pigroot 2

Getting near the east coast I could see a clearance developing, so knowing full-well this presents opportunities and good light for landscape photography I took the Coast Road through to Warrington.

This is the classical view photographed by the greats such as Geoffrey Chance, so with respect to them I tried a B and W rendition with cooperating sheep...Karitane 1Looking south to Doctor's Point...Karitane 2East out to sea...Karitane 3Karitane 4Time for something brighter - a chandelier in a cafe in Portabello. It had some neat prism type glass hanging, so figuring this would cause some strange behaviors with how my camera calculates focus, I went to work on it... Portabello 2Portabello 1

For months now I've been exercising / walking to the point of addiction so while in Dunedin I could not resist a walk up to Flagstaff from George St. So lots of vertical!

The variety of bush and tree species in the Dunedin environs is amazing and it's a credit to the city founders and those since, and the Council etc. that tracks like this are made and maintained. And despite it being a Monday I was impressed with the numbers out enjoying them...Flagstaff 1Not quite so many up here though in the Silver Peaks proper. Once again I was reminded of the extreme weather that can make it's home in these low hills covered in snow-grass and sub alpine vegetation - conditions that have caught many out over the years, to their cost...Flagstaff 2Great views though - North Dunedin...Flagstaff 3Saddle Hill to the south...Flagstaff 4A magnificent stand of trees on the Whare Flat Road - after taking the long way back over Flagstaff then down into the suburbs and turning north through Wakari, and heading for a return route through the bush ...Flagstaff 5Horses by Wakari Road...Flagstaff horseThe colour of this letter box has been one of my favourites since childhood...Flagstaff 7Ross Reservoir, which supplies a lot of the cities water was quite low...Flagstaff 8So trip over and back home to work punctuated with yoga - one of my favourite activities - my friend and teacher Jen...YogaAnd back into the local hills for more of my walking and wandering addiction...Rocky 2And like Flagstaff the weather has been mean for January. Here Mt Aspiring shows it's current mood in keeping with it...Rocky 3
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