Sunday, September 19, 2010

Storms, ski tours, blogging and micro blogging

It's been quite a week and somehow underscored by the huge weather system that developed in the Tasman Sea and moved relentlessly eastwardsover us all in New Zealand, bringing extreme weather to many areas.

Friday evening seemed to present the most dramatic aspects of this weather system so I went for a walk with my camera in what used to be known as the Penrith Camping Ground area...

From the same spot swinging the camera north towards the Maungawera Valley area...towards-maungawea.jpg

The weather pattern of late seems to mean every mid week it's nice weather for a few days, [and new snow], so fortunately I've been able to take some time off to get in some more cross country skiing.

Looking up into the head of the Roaring Meg - Pisa Range on the right...

I really like the twisting nature of this river - summer or winter it fascinates me...

Looking downstream towards The Remarkables, that overlook Queenstown...

Lastly out on the right I've made a few changes to this page: some of my blogger friends listed have some pretty good links to the blogs of others, so I've not attempted to have a huge list, but just mention they're well worth some time.

I started this blog as a work related experiment, but surprisingly I found quite quickly that it's fun to do regular posts, and out of these I feel blest to have made a few new friends.

Now as an extension of this I am going to try posting more to the micro blogging service Twitter, while still maintaining this blog. Twitter in turn posts into what I guess you'd call a "mid blog", in this case FaceBook [I'm simply Donald Lousley, if you wish to "friend" me]. This is all in relation to my realising that Google is no longer where people go to solely to find out information - they ask their social networking friends instead, and they in turn can reach out. It's pretty amazing and powerful stuff.

I've often lurked in Twitter reaping some amazing information over the last 2-3 years [the quality depends on who you follow], and in turn due to prompting by family and others I've tried FaceBook and been very impressed with the potential [but under whelmed by the user interface, and privacy issues/risk]. So along with a link to the work side of my life, I've spent sometime today making links between all, but it's work in progress you could say! I hope you find them useful, and of course please comment if you feel inclined.

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Blogger Marg said...

I hope you keep your blog going. I like the way blogs are kind of like visual diaries - but public ones. interesting insights into anothers world. I really cant figure twitter out and dont know how it used or at this point even why. I havent got around to facebook either and not even sure if Id have a use for it?

September 26, 2010 at 5:43 PM  
Blogger Donald said...

Hi Marg, hope your southern experience went well.

Yes, I'm planning to keep it going. Like you say it's a nice way to keep a diary, and I find fun to share.

The Twitter and FB side is a bit of an experiment. It's certainly worked nicely while I've been away as I just did mini posts in Twitter and they appeared in the other places.

However it's early days yet.

I'll catch up soon.



September 26, 2010 at 11:40 PM  

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