Saturday, October 15, 2011

An ode to spring


I had to write so I could recite, or sing
God forbid
It went on into the darkest of a rugby night
What is an ode, but a short code

Thinking of what and not
Right enough to describe the dew of spring
Between my toes, but believe me it and love are of the nose
Could love though but pounce?
Like a speedy mouse

Now spring is here with fragrance and delight
Raise a glass to fresh mown grass
Alluring in the breeze
Many fantails salsa dancing I see
Should we be bowed of head in respect?

Spring I say complete
Don't leave us to soon, let us swoon
Feel with our hearts summer in the wings...
Will soon see us sneezing on our knees
Hankies out, the tears all for nought
Rugby's outcome maybe happy maybe sad

But pollen doing the rounds
The surge of biological urge
Would we be best a bee?
They may not us, hold the key

Spring on the wing cupid
I do love thee

Donald Lousley Oct. 2011




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