Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blast from the past favourites, and more on the idea of dams on the Clutha

It's been one of those weeks of reflection, and I've made no new landscape photos. Instead I'm settling into the moment after a few weeks of all sorts of varied upheavals: friends passing on, my son dealing with the astounding growth of mind, spirit and body associated with the teen years, and friends hitting the wall so-to-speak, on their journeys towards growth.

So since that's been the theme it seems fitting to delve into the past tonight and post and share some of my old time favourites.

Mt Aspiring probably taken from a flank of Roys Peak. That's Lake Wanaka's Glendhu Bay down on the left...

Mt Aspiring again - this time an unusual, more European Alps style of viewpoint, obtained from near the Albert Burn Saddle, Mt Aspiring National Park...

One of my most favourite of vehicles - a VW 1500 that I used for years, often like a Land Rover to capitalise on the rough roads on the early 1970s. Here photographed after a snowfall in the Danseys Pass area that links North Otago to Central Otago...

Naseby gold workings. A landscape photography dream in the 1960s, when it looked more like the surface of the moon, just before wilding pines turned it into the forest it is today. Naseby Forest as it is now known as, is a mecca for technical mountain biking, and is near the famous Central Otago Rail Trail...

The long wide and barren summit ridge of the nearby Pisa Range, host to the Snow Farm where I nordic ski...

Fence posts made from rocks on The Old Dunstan Road. A favourite photo I made back in the 1980s...

From near the Great Moss Swamp on The Old Dunstan Road, looking west on sunset right across most of Central Otago's block mountains...

And as mentioned in the blog subject, lastly some new links on the ill conceived idea to dam the Clutha River...

The fledgling Upper Clutha River Guardians website just went online... more>>

... and the Otago Daily Times website is sporting a poll, which will be well worth the time to fill in, as we know it's monitored by decision makers. There have been some very thoughtful posts opposing.. more>>

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Blogger Ruahines said...

Kia ora Donald,
I think reflective aptly describes my own mood as well. So I much enjoyed the photos and words - as always.
I went and voted and checked out the site which I will add to my favourites to peruse more fully. Glad to see the No votes are now well ahead of the Yes, though no doubt firmer action will be required to really get the message out there. I see more and more the mantra of economic neccessity and job creation being trotted out as an excuse to ruin our wild places under the national govt. BP wanting to dump more filth in the Wellington harbour for example. Interesting that Cadbury decided to stop putting palm oil in their chocolate when their sales dipped a bit. The power of the consumer and the concerned at the grass roots level perhaps? Kia kaha my friend.

August 18, 2009 at 3:11 PM  

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