Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rain and more rain, with more snow up high...

It's been a frustrating week weather wise, not only for skiing but living also, as a constant succession of fronts prevail on us. Westerlies keep continuing then tend back more northwesterly and then freshen again with rain followed by tending to colder west to southwesterlies with snow lowering on the mountains.

Some nice light was to be had for making landscape photos, just before the next bad weather to the west arrived...

Did I mention the snow? Above about 1500 meters there is more than you can wave a stick at - below this... well the inaugural Winter Games, while aspects such as the cross country skiing at the Snow Farm were on track as they were held over three successive days and the weather cooperated mostly, over at Coronet there have been delays due to storms for days. I've found it very sad too that TV coverage on the main NZ channels has been lacking for such a huge event that in essence leads up to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in several months time, and sets the tone that NZ can be a serious player in winter sports.

My fellow time keepers for my Winter Games volunteer day on Tuesday. We started in cloud and wind and ended in rain and a snowstorm...

Last chance for a few hours for seeing the sun on the snow - looking at the area where the Criffel and Pisa ranges intersect...

For press releases on the Winter Games events held at the Snow Farm, I've put together a collection of links on one page on

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Blogger Ruahines said...

Kia ora Donald,
Yes indeed, the weather has been very frustrating up here as well. I have my pack, and my older sons pack ready to head into the mountains, but the weather has not been cooperating. When the gales are blowing down here it is not likely to be any better up there. The windy spring gales seem to be warming up!
I mentioned to Bob, who did a post on the games, that I thought the media coverage of the games is pretty pathetic, virtually non existent if you not have pay tv, which I do not. Sometimes it seems if it is not rugby the NZ media just does not want to know. They miss a lot of opportunities in my view.

September 2, 2009 at 8:12 AM  
Blogger Donald said...

Kia Ora Robb

I hope you and Taylor have been able to take advantage of the more settled weather of late which hopefully extends as far north as yourself. It certainly has got warmer, but being Sept. we can still get more tastes of winter.



September 6, 2009 at 10:02 PM  

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