Sunday, September 27, 2009

Alexandra Blossom Festival and our boys

It's been another busy week at work, but part way through my old friend Al. got in touch with me to say he was back in NZ and down the road in Alexandra with his family. It's been a challenging couple of years for him as while away from their home in Twizel his wife died. Ant. and I were very close, although I go back further with Al. and would be even closer by virtue of all the time we've spent together in our Sth. Alps. So it made sense to catch up in the context of the festival with him and his two boys and wider family.

I missed the parade, but had lots of time to take in the sights at Molyneux Park. This gentleman was part of a troupe with a stall selling [and playing] ethnic music of a Sth. American flavour...

Al's younger son. I enjoyed playing with him after he realised his dream of purchasing a Star Wars light sabre [it took awhile for him to sort of recall previous fun together as he was about 3 back then], but that's another story. However this time I was really struck how I felt the presence of his mum - it was uncanny not only as he played under our watchful gaze, but when we'd make eye contact. On reflection and looking at many photos later with Al. I think I have some grieving to catch up on! Here he is in his current favourite T shirt....

It was always a great thing our kids had the use of Jolly Jumpers, back when they were small - we'd hang them in a doorway and they'd have a great time exploring movement in the air and playing with gravity. At the festival there was a souped up model...

I'm always struck by the beauty of the festival - especially the time of year, when there are not only blossoms but snow still on the substantial Otago block mountains. Here behind the sinking ship we see the Dunstan Mountains...

School holidays have now started so speaking of boys... mine will be joining me soon for a week. At the catch-up with Al. we think we might join forces for a trip over to our remote and wild West Coast, as it'll be a good chance to further have some adventures before he heads to South Canterbury where his boys are enrolled for school. But we'll see... it will be coming into whitebait season over there [yummy!], but we also need a good weather forecast which maybe hard to achieve given our early onset of spring conditions.

And lastly on boys, blogging friend Robb has posted a great story and photos called Fathers and Sons

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Blogger Ruahines said...

Kia ora Donald,
Ah boys eh! So much more aware than we ever give them credit for. I am sure that young fellah senses a deep connection within. The fact you are in tune with that is very cool, something we should all strive for. Thanks for the plug. Can't say any major rlevelations came from being in the wild with my son, but just being together and knowing he is okay was enough I guess. Have a great week my friend.

September 29, 2009 at 11:49 AM  
Blogger Donald said...

>Can't say any major rlevelations came from being in the wild with my son

I'd have been surprised if there had Robb. Why? Because you've obviously invested a lot of loving time in your boys, and it shows in ways that are simply solid and not like a bolt out of the blue.

What you've described on your trip augers well, and like you say, it's the confirming that he's OK that is needed. I feel it here too, and it maybe many years before our off-spring develop enough cognitively for them to be able tell us face-to-face that we've done a good job.

The "good job" too is not the supply of worldly goods, but is as simple as time and mileage. Some arrive at this by means of intuition, some by the example their dads set, or by emotional intelligence... or a mix of all three. Still best not intellectualised - instead "from the heart", is it seems, the best way.



September 29, 2009 at 1:22 PM  

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