Sunday, September 6, 2009

More Clutha River rambling

At last some good weather has visited us this week. It also bought me a visit by one of closest friends Ian, whom I first got to know doing Geo Physics field work. Now we both work together in the computer industry and technically he's one of my suppliers. However our inclinations in life are in the outdoors, so with sun abounding we did a few talking walks, and I decided to introduce him to my pet project of exploring the Clutha river some more.

In the vicinity of Reko's Point east and downstream of the Wanaka Airport. Note the first vibrant greens appearing on the willows...

From atop one of the many high cliffs bounding the river we enjoyed watching a fisherman while we had our slices of fruit cake that Robyn gave us for our little ramble...

I also made this shot of him to give scale to the sheer size of this amazing river, so top marks to anyone who can spot him in this shot! It's incomprehensible to me why many of us NZer's do not place the highest values on this water we have on our door-step, instead of conceptualising dams on it, thus flooding this amazing landscape as well as destroying a living waterway...

I've link here to a recent Otago Daily Times newspaper article as to how a local Council downstream has decided to, so far, do nothing. To me it's a bit of shocker that they elect to "reman neutral" even at the early stages, in the light of such an outstanding river, the banks of which can host many linked walkways and mountain bike ways, that could rival the Central Otago Rail Trail. As NZ'ers we have to value our landscape values, and one way to do this is to bring to the attention of world the threat of further dams on the Clutha - one of the world's mighty rivers!

The Central Otago Rail Trail... more >>

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Anonymous marg said...

In my spare time ( of which there is little) and amongst a great many other things I like to read blogs including your own. What I especially like about blogs is the way that for me anyway they redeem the ordinary life. Real people doing real stuff and writing about stuff that matters to them. Sometimes what other people do doesn't matter to me but nevertheless I find myself interested in the way differences and universal similarities are described and enacted. Quite often even though I read I either have nothing to say in reply or lack the energy to create one. However it's good to read about central otago stuff again. I havent been there for a few months. It's such an amazing place. THanks for your blog

September 8, 2009 at 6:34 PM  

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